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The Metro Gallery is located at our DPOA offices at 119 W. 2nd St. We feature artists from all over the globe working in a veriaty of different mediums. We have opening receptions on the 2nd Saturday of the month for our Artwalk and Farmers Market which brings thousands to our downtown. 

Kiara Barcelo will be exhibiting her black and white photography at the Metro Gallery through the month of August. Opening reception will be Saturday, August 10, 6-9pm

Live life, in black and white. I believe when photos are expressed in monotone you are truly able to capture the moment, it kind of pauses life and takes you back in time…In this series, I take you to wander Downtown Pomona and admire some of its architecture and memorable places. I’ve implemented the use of deep contrast to bring emotion into the photos. A photo is worth a thousand words, and one place can have all sorts of memories. Please enjoy exploring Downtown Pomona through my lens.


Metro Gallery
Kiara Barcelo

Ulrica Bell’s opening reception of Layer of Change will be Saturday, July 13, from 6-9pm

The title of my show LAYERS OF CHANGE refers to first the evolution of my collage techniques after 30 years of creating collages experimenting with new techniques I have learned through workshops with Master Collagists and ten years working with the L,A, Experimental Artists and more with the Collage Artists of America. Secondly, the title refers to the changes in me as an artist and woman as I have become far freer in self expression and in how I live as a woman in society. The subjects I use in these collages, whether birds, flowers, artists I identify with or magical or historical figures are connected to me and me to them. This evolution reflects my growth as a Buddhist and to my belief in interdependence among all things and lack of separateness. This philosophy extends to any techniques that have been incorporated for this show including fabric, transfers, layering and mixed media. For each collage I began spontaneously with no set idea but a piece of paper, drawing, or color that led me further and further, so in that sense the collages are self-created.
-Ulrica Bell


Stevie Love’s opening reception of Fantascapes will be Satrurday, June 8, from 6-9pm

Recently inspired by colorful quilts and the shifting shapes of the hills behind her desert home, Love mingles the grid and nature to conjure her mystical landscapes. Using flexible sheaths of acrylic paint backed by faux fur, she develops supernatural visions of nature.

California Dreamin, Acrylic Paint on nylon mesh with faux fur. 18 x 25

California Dreamin, Acrylic Paint on nylon mesh with faux fur. 18 x 25


Wednesday, May 15, 4pm-6pm

Author and Cultural Historian Farrel J. Chiles will be giving a book signing and presentation.

Artist Marthe Aponte extends her brilliant show Imaginary Birds and Fantastic Creatures for the month of May. Reception is May 11, 6-9 pm

The show "Imaginary Birds and Fantastic Creatures"  is a great opportunity to showcase new works based on the surrealist automatism, which is a method of art-making that incorporates randomness into one's artwork. My hybrid creatures represent whimsical situations where the unguided hand is being let lose on the surface. - Marthe Aponte

Metro Gallery

Opening Reception of Never is the End-Hard Edge by Graciela Horne Nardi will be Saturday, March 9, 6-9pm

In this series I infuse geometric shapes with clearly defined hard edges. This collection could be described as an abstract style that combines clear composition with bold colors in a unitary form. - Graciela Horne Nardi

Hard-Edge 6-15-18 Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40

Hard-Edge 6-15-18 Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40

Hard-Edge 10-17-17 Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30

Hard-Edge 10-17-17 Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30

Saturday, January -February Kai Mao will be exhibiting Superior Animals at the Metro Gallery, 6-9pm

The artist Kai Mao mainly creates paintings and sculptures. In 2016 and 2017, Kai Mao made two successful solo exhibitions in Newcastle, England and Venice biennale, Italy. In 2017, he won the 2017 American Art Award in USA and FAC international Art Exhibition Award in Italy. In 2016, he won the gold Artist Award and for The Year Award of Artand in China; Since 2018, Kai has been living in Los Angeles.

The Bible has said that human nature is a mixture of divinity and animality, and that animality is universal in human beings, and that each animal represents a human attribute, or a human character. Man is essentially an animal, a superior animal, a more story animal. In the series of Superior Animals art works, there are remarkable characteristics, like the long neck, I hope I can, through the exaggerated expression means, show the modern people, especially women of noble and elegant, nature a modern a kind of common psychological characteristics: pride, beauty, elegance.

Kai Mao, Mr. Deer, 2016 Oil On Linen ,90x60 cm

Kai Mao, Mr. Deer, 2016 Oil On Linen ,90x60 cm

Kai Mao. 2016, The Pipa and Women of Superior Animals, Oil on Linen 90x60

Kai Mao. 2016, The Pipa and Women of Superior Animals, Oil on Linen 90x60

Julius Eastman will be exhibiting his show 1928 at the Metro Gallery, Saturday, November 10, 6-9pm

I am a self taught working artist living in Lancaster, CA. I work in acrylic paint and experiment with recycled/found wood.

Julius Eastman, “December 1928”

Julius Eastman, “December 1928”

Julius Eastman, “Scarab and Birds”

Julius Eastman, “Scarab and Birds”

Saturday, October 13, 6-9pm the Metro Gallery has the pleasure of exhibiting R. T. Pece’s new show “Name Some Paintings”, where he encourages viewers to name the work.

I have been an exhibiting artist since 1973 and have produced several films incorporating hand drawn cel animation with live-action shot on 16 millimeter film. The images used in my work are inspired by a variety of everyday life sources. The outward similarity to some Pop Art is unmistakable, yet these are not instantly recognizable icons of pop culture. These images possess an iconic importance but only to the point of looking important. Despite the bold presentation, the characters remain enigmatic and mysterious. The anonymity of the image has become an important idea to me. Presented in a flat, comic book style, the characters usually appear some-what cartoonish. Precise, clean edges give the paintings a machine-made appearance yet closer inspection reveals that this is hand done work. Humor, ambiguity, image placement on the canvas as well as in the context of the art world - the irony of making such silly, doodlish figures the subject of "high art" - are my main concerns.

R.T. Pece 2.jpg
R.T. Pece....jpg

Print Maker Denise Kraemer will be exhibiting her show Dense Karma at the Metro Gallery September 8, 6-9pm

"Part of the enchantment of printmaking for me, has to do with the notion of magic.  This phenomenon encompasses curiosity, wonder and discovery with the fact that you do not know exactly what you will end up with until you pull the paper away from the matrix."

                                                                                                                                                                                              -Denise Kraemer



Photographer Denis Thorp will be exhibiting his show Speechless (Sin Palabras) at the Metro Gallery Saturday, August 11, 6-9pm

In 2010 I started going to Pow Wows and Aztec Dance events, and taking pictures of the dancers. Aztec or Azteca is more generally known as Mexica. I have taken thousands of photos of Mexica dancers, at hundreds of events over the last 8 years. Photographing Aztec Dance is a espiritual expeliere for me while I am creating art with my camera. I feel at one with the earth and universe as I feel the beat of the duras deep inside my heart and soul. The community of Aztec dancers have welcomed me into there circle and treat me like family. My phographic art exhibit is in their honor. I hope you enjoy it.

Silvia 4x6.jpg
Tlahui 4x6.jpg
Annette 4x6.jpg

Saturday, July 14, 6-9pm artist Charisse Abellana will be exhibiting her solo show Detour at the Metro Gallery.

"I am an American Filipino and very proud and blessed to be the product of both cultures…Polar opposites, diverse but both rich in substance. I was born and raised in the Philippines, its culture influenced by the native aborigines, native Filipinos, Spain and United States. My Filipino roots taught me the closeness and value of family and extended families, the passion and heat of the Latin culture. My American life taught me the beauty of the nuclear family, the strength that can be drawn from being “the individual”, and the life true freedom can bring. With all these, I metamorphosed into this human being that I love and am now very comfortable with.

     Aside from painting, which is my passion, I save lives as a practicing Clinical Laboratory Scientist. I practice yoga. Above all these, I have my unwavering faith in a being bigger than my human self…God. I used to say that I live every day of my life like it will be my last. Now I live my life clinging to nothing. I live my life with arms outstretched forever grateful."

Charisse Abellana, Western Wilderness1. 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas

Charisse Abellana, Western Wilderness1. 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas

Charisse Abellana, Western Wilderness3. 24 x 30 Oil on Canvas

Charisse Abellana, Western Wilderness3. 24 x 30 Oil on Canvas

Saturday, June 9, 6-9pm is the opening reception of Something Just Like This, by artist Karen Ruth Karlsson.

Something Just Like This features the printmaking of local, Pomona artist Karen Ruth Karlsson.  Printmaking is the process of creating an image on a matrix such as a plexiglass or copper plate and transferring that image to a substate, normally paper or fabric.  Printmaking creates original works of art, sometimes in a series of similar or identical images. The works in this show include monotypes, collagraphs and etchings.

GTO Etching_72ppi.JPG

Saturday, May 12 The Metro Gallery is proud to exhibit the work of Chaffey College's intermediate photography class. 


Exploring the use of medium and large format film, Obsolete Perspectives is a collection produced by the students of Chaffey College’s intermediate photography class. The prominence of digital photography has ushered film photography to become an obsolete craft facing termination from curriculums at Chaffey College and elsewhere. This collection not only represents each artist individually, but also showcases a group of artists who forage on in the analogue realm to produce photography in its rawest form. We believe in photography as a means of communication and lifestyle. 

Vanessa Aguilar, Mark Caballero, Raylene De La Torre, Alexys Garcia, Connie Gutierrez, Amber Hazlett, Trent Liendo, Jason Miller, Jessica Murray, Lazaro Reyes, Mary Bernadette Sanchez, Alexandra Uribe, German Valdes, Alyssa Vasquez, Joshua Vega.

Vanessa Aguilar, Mark Caballero, Raylene De La Torre, Alexys Garcia, Connie Gutierrez, Amber Hazlett, Trent Liendo, Jason Miller, Jessica Murray, Lazaro Reyes, Mary Bernadette Sanchez, Alexandra Uribe, German Valdes, Alyssa Vasquez, Joshua Vega.



Saturday April, 14

The Metro Gallery welcomes author and Daily Bulletin Columnist David Allen. David will be giving a book signing and reading of his latest book, Getting Started. 6-9pm

Saturday, March 10 is the opening reception for Shellise Berry

My name is Shellise Berry; I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

After graduation I obtained a job with the County of Los Angeles.  Twenty-three years into my career, the last 13 years being predominately left brain work; I felt a void in my life.  I began a year-long search that led me back to art in the form of Expressive Art Therapy training.  It was during this year of training that I began to create again.  A classmate bought me a book on intuitive painting with acrylic paints as the medium of choice.  I quickly began to work through the process using the suggested techniques; I finished my first painting in 2012.  Immediately my painting took on inspirational characteristics and each painting is accompanied by a positive affirmation.

I continue to solely paint with acrylics.  Five years later and over 35 completed paintings my love for painting has continued to grow.

Shellise Berry.png
Shellise Berry 2.png

Saturday, February 10 Metro Gallery will exhibit artist Alex Torrez

Alex Torrez is a southern California resident illustrator and designer, from Claremont, CA. Drawing and painting throughout his life, he discovered his passion for stippling and ink drawings, and has pursued this new monochromatic path with stark results. Torrez’s distinct, detailed technique and bold subject matter have seized a growing audience and clientele throughout the greater Los Angeles area and beyond, i.e., Rök House Brewing Co., Sanctum Brewing Co., Medgar & Myrlie Evers Institute, and much more. His drawings and paintings reflect his youthful nostalgia, love of history, music, pop culture, and his hunger for life.

greatyella Alex T.jpg
dole44 Alex T.jpg



Saturday, January 13 will be the opening reception for Joey Martinez from 6-9pm.

The prints that I will be putting up will reflect the “Places” I’ve traveled to in the last couple years along with the “Faces” I have met while on my travels. 

Strolling Monk, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Digital Print

Strolling Monk, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Digital Print

Summer in the City, Manhattan, NY. Digital Print

Summer in the City, Manhattan, NY. Digital Print


Saturday, November 11 The Metro Gallery will exhibit artist Stevie Love, 6-9pm

I am addicted to acrylic paint for its ability to make luscious three-dimensional forms in space. Mixing a variety of pigments and mediums, I apply the paint to a flexible matrix using squeeze bottles and pastry tubes forming paint objects that lie somewhere between painting and sculpture. With intense colors and the addition of faux fur, I am creating an unnatural cartoon-like quality. The forms however are based in nature so the natural and unnatural play back and forth.


Stevie Love


All the Love 48 x 120 Acrylic paint on vinyl mesh with faux fur

All the Love 48 x 120 Acrylic paint on vinyl mesh with faux fur


Saturday, October 14 will be the openeing reception for Marthe Aponte at The Metro Gallery 6-9pm

I am a self-taught artist with a degree in Critical Theory and French from University of California in Irvine, where I was a student of Jacques Derrida, founder of Deconstruction.

My artwork is an exploration in life’s connectedness and the fluid boundaries between humans and nature. I draw on my life in France, Venezuela, and America, interwoven with African and Australian Aboriginal artistic traditions.

My current practice focuses on picote, a French technique going back to the 17th century. In it, one uses an awl to punch tiny holes in paper to create landscapes, patterns, and abstract motifs.


Bleeding Ocean 2 Mixed Media

Bleeding Ocean 2 Mixed Media

August 12 The Metro Gallery is making it a family affair with artist Manny, Cecilia, & Leonardo LeGaspe` 6-9pm

Family Ties

July 8th we will be exhibiting artist Steve Ruiz

Steven Rushingwind Ruiz, born 1959 in Pomona, California, is a world renowned Native America flute Musician, sculptor and painter. His giant burnt match sculptures evoke the feeling of calmness and strength after a roaring blaze transforms a perfect matchstick into a pillar of beauty. What was once a strong, unscarred matchstick is now a piece of art created by the flames, a twisting, turning, sculpted monolith, finding beauty in the ruins. He finds beauty in everyday items around the house and places them up front and personal. Steven is a self-taught artist, coming from a family of artists. He has owned two galleries, The Blue Core in Pomona California and Ruiz Studios in Monterrey, California. His work is part of the permanent collection at The Latino Art Museum in Pomona, California and The Pomona Valley Hospital. His work has also been shown in hundreds of shows throughout the United States.