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The Metro Gallery is located at our DPOA offices at 119 W. 2nd St. We feature artists from all over the globe working in a veriaty of different mediums. We have opening receptions on the 2nd Saturday of the month for our Artwalk and Farmers Market which brings thousands to our downtown. 

Saturday, February 10 Metro Gallery will exhibit artist Alex Torrez

Alex Torrez is a southern California resident illustrator and designer, from Claremont, CA. Drawing and painting throughout his life, he discovered his passion for stippling and ink drawings, and has pursued this new monochromatic path with stark results. Torrez’s distinct, detailed technique and bold subject matter have seized a growing audience and clientele throughout the greater Los Angeles area and beyond, i.e., Rök House Brewing Co., Sanctum Brewing Co., Medgar & Myrlie Evers Institute, and much more. His drawings and paintings reflect his youthful nostalgia, love of history, music, pop culture, and his hunger for life.

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Saturday, January 13 will be the opening reception for Joey Martinez from 6-9pm.

The prints that I will be putting up will reflect the “Places” I’ve traveled to in the last couple years along with the “Faces” I have met while on my travels. 

Strolling Monk, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Digital Print

Strolling Monk, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Digital Print

Summer in the City, Manhattan, NY. Digital Print

Summer in the City, Manhattan, NY. Digital Print


Saturday, November 11 The Metro Gallery will exhibit artist Stevie Love, 6-9pm

I am addicted to acrylic paint for its ability to make luscious three-dimensional forms in space. Mixing a variety of pigments and mediums, I apply the paint to a flexible matrix using squeeze bottles and pastry tubes forming paint objects that lie somewhere between painting and sculpture. With intense colors and the addition of faux fur, I am creating an unnatural cartoon-like quality. The forms however are based in nature so the natural and unnatural play back and forth.


Stevie Love


                                                                                                                                All the Love 48 x 120 Acrylic paint on vinyl mesh with faux fur

                                                                                                                                All the Love 48 x 120 Acrylic paint on vinyl mesh with faux fur


Saturday, October 14 will be the openeing reception for Marthe Aponte at The Metro Gallery 6-9pm

I am a self-taught artist with a degree in Critical Theory and French from University of California in Irvine, where I was a student of Jacques Derrida, founder of Deconstruction.

My artwork is an exploration in life’s connectedness and the fluid boundaries between humans and nature. I draw on my life in France, Venezuela, and America, interwoven with African and Australian Aboriginal artistic traditions.

My current practice focuses on picote, a French technique going back to the 17th century. In it, one uses an awl to punch tiny holes in paper to create landscapes, patterns, and abstract motifs.


Bleeding Ocean 2 Mixed Media

Bleeding Ocean 2 Mixed Media

August 12 The Metro Gallery is making it a family affair with artist Manny, Cecilia, & Leonardo LeGaspe` 6-9pm

Family Ties

July 8th we will be exhibiting artist Steve Ruiz

Steven Rushingwind Ruiz, born 1959 in Pomona, California, is a world renowned Native America flute Musician, sculptor and painter. His giant burnt match sculptures evoke the feeling of calmness and strength after a roaring blaze transforms a perfect matchstick into a pillar of beauty. What was once a strong, unscarred matchstick is now a piece of art created by the flames, a twisting, turning, sculpted monolith, finding beauty in the ruins. He finds beauty in everyday items around the house and places them up front and personal. Steven is a self-taught artist, coming from a family of artists. He has owned two galleries, The Blue Core in Pomona California and Ruiz Studios in Monterrey, California. His work is part of the permanent collection at The Latino Art Museum in Pomona, California and The Pomona Valley Hospital. His work has also been shown in hundreds of shows throughout the United States.