A Property Business Improvement District (PBID) is a geographically defined area in which services, activities and programs are paid for through a special assessment which is charged to all members within the district in order to equitably distribute the benefits received and the costs incurred to provide the agreed-upon services, activities and programs.  A PBID is one mechanism for a property and business owner collaborative. It is a partnership between the public and private sector organized for the improvement of a specific commercial area. The public sector cannot solve all the problems facing commercial districts today. Hence, the private sector must take the initiative.

There are approximately 1,200 PBIDs in North America.  The three most popular types of services are enhanced security, common area maintenance, and marketing/promotions. Some other PBID accomplishments include the following:

  • Help maintain, increase property values; improve sales/occupancy rates, increase community’s tax base.
  • Develop a stable environment and distinct identity for a business district, improving competitiveness in region.
  • Create a cleaner, safer and more attractive business district.
  • Ensure a stable and predictable resource base to fund supplemental services and programs.
  • Provide non-bureaucratic and innovative management of a business district.

Generally, a nonprofit corporation is designated as the agent responsible for entering into contracts in order to provide the services as outlined in the PBID’s Management Plan.      The nonprofit corporation is contractually obligated to provide to the City financial reports which disclose financial activity associated with use of the assessment funds.  The Management Committee of the non-profit corporation holds public meetings and they are subject to the Brown Act. The day-to-day operations of the BID and supervision of the contracts will be carried out by an executive director or additional staff persons.   The Downtown Pomona Owners Association (DPOA) has been designated as the agent responsible for the PBID.  There are currently 13 Board of Directors on the Management Committee.

Since its inception the DPOA has worked hard to improve the downtown, making it a desirable and viable place to do business. To date, over 1.5 million dollars has been invested towards security for the PBID, making it one of the safest Districts in the State. The DPOA has added over 50 new trash containers and provided daily trash pick up to insure that the District is clean.  Soon, downtown will have bike racks and several pocket parks for visitors to use and enjoy.  Scheduled power washing of the District’s 10 miles of sidewalks has created a clean environment within the PBID. The DPOA provides insurance for community events and partners with other non-profits to host events and bring awareness to the District. On-going special events hosted by the DPOA include a Saturday Certified Farmers Market, Pomona Night Out, 2nd Saturday Artwalk, Antique Street Collector’s Faire, Baseball Day at Dodger Stadium, Pomona Christmas Parade, the Miss Pomona Scholarship Pageant and various community and educational events.

The DPOA has been at the forefront of these improvements, consistently cleaning sidewalks and planters, painting bollards and light posts, designing marketing materials including a dynamic website and blog, while facilitating effective communication and connections among owners, tenants, government and public. For more information about the DPOA and/or meeting times, call 909-469-1121.

Pomona PBID Boundaries:


*Map includes 2009 L.A. Assessor parcel information.

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