Website Updates

The D.P.O.A. has been working hard to keep up with information and the changing technology with the Metro Pomona Website.  Originally launched back in 2005 as, the website was small and had little traffic due to the infamous dash “-” that was in the domain name.  The domain name with out the dash was taken by an anonymous party and would not let it go.  So a rebrand was in order and was reinvented into in 2006 with an award winning design upgrade.

From 2006 to 2010 the site had grown from 20 pages to 80 pages excluding the business directory with an increase in traffic each and every month.  In 2009 a blog was added to the site where daily and weekly updates on events and happenings could be easily updated by the D.P.O.A. staff.  Once the blog was launched an increase in traffic soared and links and networks from other sites was increased.

To keep up with technology the D.P.O.A. launched an upgrade to the website in 2011 that helped organize the site content and increased the size of the overall visibility of the site.  The new site offers businesses their own pages that they can manage themselves.  The site continues to increase in traffic that can be now monitored with ease using google analytics.  Today the website has over 130 pages of content and over 200 business listings and growing.

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