Farmers Market Rules and Regulations

Sponsored by the Downtown Pomona Owners Association (DPOA)

  1. All vendors must fill out an application and have it approved before selling.
  2. The market is held every 2nd Saturday of the month. Vendors can start setting up after 3:00pm. Market starts at 5:00pm & ends at 9:00pm. Market is year round.
  3. All vendors must pay the current market fee, payable on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
  4. All vendors must bring their own canopy (10x10), table, chairs, lamp, and extension cord.
  5. Only vehicles necessary for display or sale of products are permitted in the Market area. Vehicles must fit in the space assigned. The decision of the Market Manager is final.
  6. No vehicles will be permitted to enter the Market after 4:30 p.m. Vendor vehicles must be parked in the designated vendor parking area outside the Market. Parking is found north of the Shaun Diamond Plaza.
  7. In case of rain, the market will be canceled. Call the market manager if you have any doubts at 909-469-1121. Usually, the market manager will cancel if there is at least a 40% chance of rain.
  8. All vendors who will be cooking, serving, or offering food samples will be required to obtain a temporary food vendor’s permit from the L.A. County Health Department as well as a million dollar liability insurance policy naming the DPOA, their agents, officers, volunteers, & the City of Pomona & their agents, as additionally insured..
  9. All vendors must renew their application every calendar year; starting every January. Enforcement of all market rules shall be enforced by the market manager, the sponsor, or its designated agent(s) in a fair and equitable manner. Any unauthorized vendor or product will be removed from market; the market manager has sole authority to enforce market rules. All unresolved disputes shall be heard by the DPOA’s Marketing Committee and the ruling from that committee shall be final.
  10. The following rules & policies apply to all Certified Agricultural Producers/Farmers:
  11. Any eligible certified producer is allowed to participate in the Downtown Pomona Market (CFM).
  12. All sellers of certified agricultural products must obtain a Certified Producer’s Certificate issued by the Agricultural Commissioner from the county in which the produce is grown. All products for sale must be listed on the certificate and an embossed photocopy certificate shall accompany the certified agricultural products during transportation and be posted at the Market in full view for customers.
  13. Any unauthorized producer will not be allowed in the CFM portion of the market. Any unauthorized product will be voluntarily removed from market; the market manager has sole authority to enforce market rules.
  14. Sellers who are in violation of any state, local or DPOA rules and regulations may be removed or suspended from the market or have their selling privileges in the Market conditioned, modified, limited or terminated by Market Manager and/or DPOA board.
  15. Whenever the Market Manager believes a seller has violated the conditions of the permit to sell or any of the rules or regulations of the Market have been violated, the Market Manager may issue a verbal or written warning or may issue a notice of proposed suspension. A seller whose permit has been suspended, or a seller or applicant aggrieved by a decision of the Market Manager, may file a written request of reconsideration. The Market Manager will present it to the DPOA board. The board’s decision shall be final.
  16. Whenever a seller has had their state or county permit to sell at a Certified Farmers Market revoked, that seller must re-apply to sell at the Farmers Market, and may not be guaranteed admission to sell.
  17. The type and number of producers permitted is limited only to the space available.
  18. The type and amount of certified and noncertifiable agricultural products admitted is limited only to the amount of space available.
  19. All certified and non certified agricultural products must be sold by the producer, unless prior approval is given by the market manager to allow one producer to sell for another.