2nd Satutday Artwalk December 2017

Festivities abound this month – especially in downtown where the eleventh Pomona Christmas Parade kicks off at 6pm. There’ll be LIGHTS! There’ll be ACTION! There’ll be people wearing UGGS and MITTENS even though it’s only 60 DEGREES!

Meanwhile, the artists of Pomona unleash their own Spirit of Christmas Present (totally the best Christmas spirit), with inspired creations that span the array of the human spectrum.

57 Underground re-ramps up “Resist!”, their group show featuring Ken Johnson, Mervyn Seldon, Jeanne Andersen, Sharon Algozer, Jason LaMotte, Karen Duckles, Georga Garside, Chris Toovey, Yi-Li & Doug Ward, and Oscar Leal, who all decided to throw their political views into the melee and take a knee behind the statement: 

“Every week America’s miserable political melodrama reveals yet another traitorous tragedy. Resist!”

Joey Martinez takes us to some “Places and Faces” in his solo show at Metro Gallery that chronicles his recent travels and experiences, and the Latino Art Museum goes a little yuletide with "Angels in Pomona." Curated by Graciela Nardi, group show features the work of 

Claudia Cogo, Viktoria Romanova, Ayumi Dickson, Alma Moctezuma, Alberto Leon, Claudia Cox, Beatriz Hidalgo de la Garza, Jose Angel Hernandez, Gloria Montelongo Vazquez, Ondria Rees, and Derek Engdahl – all giving their interpretation of angels, which Nardi explains signify the blessings that peace can bring and  symbolize the release of fear. Their Main Salon South will host a fundraiser for artist Susana Diaz Rivera who is currently battling cancer. 

And, the dA Center for the Arts continues its 15th Annual exhibit, “Aztlan: A Sense of Place,” which is part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a far-reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles. Co-Curators: Frank Garcia and Margaret Garcia have corralled artists, tinkers, thinkers, engineers, and urban planners who construct creative solutions and express voices of concern for our inherited and future, with works by Leigh Adams, David Botello, Art Carrillo, Jimmy Centeno, Margaret Garcia, Mario Guerrero, Wayne Healy, Naiche Lujan, Heather McLarty, Cathi Miligan, Frank Romero, Nancy Romero, Marc Salazar, Mario Trillo, Ivan Deavy Zapien, and others.  

In the back of the dA, the Joan Weldon Gallery offers “Western Hemisphericals” a rotating, curated invitational featuring artist renditions and interpretations of the still mysterious term, “western hemispherical.” 

                                                                                                 -Stacy Davies