Downtown Pomona Artwalk April 2019

Downtown Pomona bursts out the bohemian blooms this spring in an array of color, texture, and themes that provoke the exploration of worlds both internal and peripheral. 

Kicking things off, the Latino Art Museum presents “Fire and Ice: Protect Our Universe,” a multimedia group show featuring paintings, drawings and collage from Rebecca Nabarrete, Juan Carlos Boxler, Rigo Rivas, Karen Pinto Monroe, Alberta Walker, Carolina Garino-Tabit, Aida Guerra de Heiras, Olga de Leon, Tom Fontanes, Alberto Leon, Amanda Unzueta, Mati Russo and Claudia Cogo, all of whom deep dive into the struggles and triumphs of the human experience. There’s also a solo show of ambient abstractions from museum owner and curator, Graciela Horne Nardi in the main salon, and on the last Saturday of the month, the museum opens for “Paint, Drink and Have a Good Time,” where new and hopeful artists can dabble in the craft of creation amist a group of friendly and frolicky peers.

Progress Gallery keeps it local this month with an array of works from the 57 Underground gallery artists in “East & West,” while the 57 gallery itself hosts a duo show, “Submerged: Ocean-Inspired Artwork,” from ceramist Desiree Engel and painter Elizabeth Daron Redmon. Engel’s installation focuses on the effects of climate change and pollution on ocean life, and the inspiration for her clay pieces is draw directly from natural forms. Redmon’s “nonobjective” paintings are a departure from her usual portrait work and through this adventurous journey she plays with color, shape, value and design, finding new intersections as she frees herself from precognition and plan. 

Metro Gallery spotlights the work of Marthe Aponte in “Imaginary Birds and Fantastic Creatures,” a showcase of hybrid whimsical creatures created through surrealist automatism, a method of art-making that incorporates randomness and allowing the creative hand to perform unguided, and the School for Arts and Enterprise (SAE) opens its annual “Digital/Visual Advanced Placement Senior Showcase” at the DTC, featuring works from 18 of their top graduating seniors.
-Stacy Davies